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Traditional Archery Arrows

The Traditional Archery Arrow we make is all natural. Long bow arrows for primitive and traditional archery.

target arrow picture

arrow colors


The archery arrow we make is for traditional hunters, reenactors and primitive archers. Groovings on birch tapered shafts, wild trukey feathers, sinew bindings.

These long bow arrows are tapered, meaning that the front of the arrow is a larger diameter than the rear. This produces a light arrow that has high stability. The tapered arrow design was universal around the world and the preffered choice for hunters or target shooters.

The grooving on the shaft was also prcticed around the world in the past. They are meant to signify lightening, and they also prevent warping of the shaft. My personal signature on each arrow is a floral motif in the grooving.

Durable arrows. The sinew bindings ensure a good grip, while the feathers them selves are from the most durable part of the wing.

Using custom wood arrows will improve your accuracy as they are tailor made just for you!


Primitive Arrow

how to make a wooden bow

-Arrow Options-

Field Tips: Light or Heavy

Length: up to 29 1/2"

Colors Available: Chestnut, Dark Brown, or Red

Matched to your Bow: from 20 to 70 lb spine weight.


The archery arrow sets are made for the individual. We hope that you will enjoy the natural feel of the long bow arrow and that we will have the chance to make your dream set a reality!


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