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North Wood Traditional Archery Bows an Arrows by Greg Anderson

north wood traditional archery

Archery Bows an Arrows from ancient designs.

About North Wood Traditional Archery

Picture of Arrows

North Wood Traditional Archery LLC is a provider of finely crafted wooden Self Bows and Arrows, replicating many artifacts of American Indian and Native European Self bows and arrows.

About the Bow Makernorth wood traditional archery ownrt

Greg Anderson is an avid lover of the outdoors and also a primitive skills and wilderness survival expert.

It is from these passions that he came to study the ancient art of bow making.

He founded North Wood Traditional Archery LLC in 2010.

Greg has appeared on PBS' craftsman's legacy season 2 episode 8, as well as the Arcade Arms episode 3


"Greg Anderson is easily the best instructor I have ever had... an excellent teacher of the craft."

Z.H. of NY State

"Your skill as a teacher shows that you are well on your way of becoming one of the best."

R.T. of NY State

north wood traditional archery students

Archery bows by Greg Anderson


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