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8,000 B.C.Holmegaard Hunting Bow

archery hunting bow

Ancient archery hunting bow
-arrows not included-

Holmegaard Archery - Bow Hunting of the past

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Primitive Arrow



The Ancient Holmegaard Bow from 8,ooo B.C. is the high in efficiency for Primitive Bow Hunting. Archery Hunting from before agriculture in the scandinavian areas was done with bows similar to this weapon for thousands of years.

Picture of Bow

Homegaard hunting bow profile.

This is a replica Ancient European Self Bow based on an Artifact from 10,000 years ago found in a Danish Bog. Reproductions of this bow have yeilded wonderful smoothness, durability and stability.

These bows are between 62" to 65 " long, and ideally suited as a hunting bow. This design predates war in the area it was found.

This archery bow is ideal for hunting and target shooting.

Holmegaard Bow Speces and Options

Optional Leather handle: If you rather, an arrow rest and leather handle are available on all North Wood Traditional archery bows. The leather is authentic braintanned buckskin.

Colors Available: stains of light brown, Dark Brown, or Reddish brown

Over all Length: Generally this is a bow between 62-68" long, and can be customized further upon request with consultation.

Bow String
Hand twisted three-ply bow string

Wood type: Hickory stave used for blank, carved to one growth ring on the back of the bow, not from a board.

Primitive string: Three ply artificial sinew hand twisted with a flemish loop on one end. Other end is tied to the lower nock of the bow with a timber hitch.

Design origin: Replica based on artifact from Holmegaard Bog, Denmark. Crafted in Western Connecticut

how to make a wooden bow

This Holmegaard bow is custom made for the individual, and enhances the archery hunting experience. We look forward to making your bow hunting dream a reality!


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