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Arrow Wood and Arrow Feathers

The first step is to use the best arrow wood and arrow feathers, then to make them come alive.

What Sets our Arrows apart?

arrow heads

Our Arrows are each individually hand crafted and include a large number of special features. They are well suited for reenactors, collectors and archers.

Tapered Shafts: Each wooden arrow is made to have a tapered shaft, also known as a "bob-tailed" shaft profile. These are beneficial to archers in that the weight is off center towards the front, increasing accuracy and making a "forgiving" arrow. The arrow wood used is hand selected stright grained birch.

Bulb Knocks: The nocks on all North Wood Traditional Archery Arrows are carved into the shaft similarly to how ancient arrows were made. The bulb is left over from the tapering process and allows for an excellent grip in your fingers.

custom wood arrows

Authenticity: Our Arrows are completely free of plastic and made to look and feel like the arrows of our ancestors.

Wild Turkey Feathers: The arrow feathers we use are ground on site and are from premium wild turkey feathers. We offer Traditional and American Indian cuts as shown below.

traditiona wood arrow cresting

Arrow Cresting: The signature of an archer is the cresting on the wood arrows, here showing a comparison of double cresting and single band cresting

Sinew Bindings: Feathers are secured using animal sinew and hide glue from Elk or Deer. Not the waxed nylon stuff called "artificial sinew"

We are proud to present suh beautiful craftsmanship at such an affordable price. Made from the best arrow wood and arrow feathers.


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