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Bow and Arrows

Gallary of Ancient warbows hunting bows, primal arrows.

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Recurve bow

recurve bow

For more about our RECURVE BOWS

Hickory self bow 65-68" long up to 65 lbs


Stick Bow

Primtive Bow

american indian bow picture

For more about our STICK BOW

60-68 " long up to 65lbs


Mohegan Recurve Bow

mohegan bow picture


Six sided 60" long up to 50 lbs.



Traditional wooden long bow with rattle snake skin

60-68 inches long up to 65 lbs

Traditional Self Bow

traditional self bow picture

Custom Bows like this long bow are also called flat bows, because the limbs are relatively flat.


Holmegaard Bow

european bow picture

european bow picture

An ancient scandanavian design, the Holmegaard Bow is an ancient relic from a time when archery and bow hunting was a necessary part of life


Meare Heathe

mear heath bow

european self bow picture

The Meare Heath bow, an ancient self bow of Druid ancestry. It is an ancestor to all english bows and war bows from that area


Snake Bow

snake bowamerican indian self bow picture

Bows of wood like this snake bow seem to be alive and deadly


Sudbury Bow

wampanaug indian self bow picturewampanaug indian bow picture

Long bows like this hunting bow from the Wampanaug sometimes held subtle features that improved preformance, like the trappezoid shaped crossection of the limbs


Seneca Scalloped edge recurve bow

seneca bow

One of the rare opportunities from making custom bows and traditional archery designs is getting to work with some truly artistic creations


Algonkian carved face bow

algonkian indian bow picturealgonkian bow

The native american bows and wood bow and arrow types varied incredibly from tribe to tribe as this one was elaborately carved on the ends.



Thanks for looking at the bow and arrows gallary featuring replicas of ancient hunting bows and warbows


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