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Traditional Bow Hunting Arrows

traditional arrow picture

Traditional Wood Arrow for Hunting


broad heads on wood arrows

Broad heads: 120 grain zwickey eskimos for an easy switch to our 120 grain field tips.

Primitive Arrow

About our Bow Arrows

A traditional wood arrow is different than other bow arrows, it is alive and custom fit to your needs

For traditional hunters, reenactors and primitive archers. Birch tapered shafts grooving down the arrow, wild trukey feathers and sinew bindings.

Wood arrows are tapered, meaning that the front of the arrow is a larger diameter than the rear. This produces a light arrow that has high stability. The tapered arrow design was universal around the world and the preffered choice for hunters and target shooters.

The grooving on the shaft was also practiced around the world in the past. They are meant to signify lightening, and they also prevent warping of the shaft. My personal signature on each arrow is a floral motif in the grooving.

The natural arrow fletching has almost zero deflection and they are suprisingly durable. The sinew bindings ensure a good grip, while the feathers them selves are from the most durable part of the wing.

Wood Arrow specs and Options

Hunting point - 120 gr. Zwickey Eskimo broadheads

Length: up to 29 1/2"

arrow colors

Stain colors (top to bottom)
Dark Brown, Reddish Brown, Brown

Colors Available: stains of light brown, Dark Brown, or Reddish brown

Matched to your Bow: every arrow set is custom made to your needs from 20 to 70 lb spine weight.

Wood type: Ash shafts for heavy penetration, and a high stable & durable arrow

Wild Turkey Feathers: Cut and processed in house

Helical Fletch: spiraling the arrow to reduce recovery time after the arrows paradox

Elk Sinew Bindings: Wrapped on the ends of the quills with hide glue, just like the old days!

Grooved arrow shafts: Inspired by the arrows made by plains indians, we offer arrows with grooved "lightning marks". Though passed down as a symbol, the groovings also help to prevent warpage in the shaft.

Tapered arrow shafts: The front of the arrow is larger diameter than the rear. The tapered arrow design was used around the world for ages and provides better clearance and stability than straigh cut shafts.

Wood nocks: Our arrow nocks are made in the same style as indigenous arrows from around the world. They are bulbous, providing an easy hold in the fingers.

how to make a wooden bow

The wood arrow sets are made for the individual. We hope that you will enjoy the natural feel of the arrow fletching and the natural materials and that we will have the chance to make your dream set come true!


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