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Mohegan Bows an Arrows - Primitive Archery

Picture of Mohegan Indian bow

Bows an Arrows for people who love Primitive Archery

Mohegan Bow - Primitive Archery
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Primitive Arrow


Mohegan Bow an Arrow Specs and Options

Mohegan bows an arrows were used for hunting and warfare. We offer these Native American Bows for primitive archery and I am especially fond of them in that I am living in the same land where this particular tribe used to live

The cross section of the bow is six sided, making for a rapid, light weight bow. It is well suited to collectors, reenactors, and primitive archers.

Finely Crafted to meet high precision and beauty, it is both artistic and functional.

This Primitive Bow can be used with either light or heavey arrow shafts depending on personal preference.


how to make a wooden bow

Picture of Indian Bow
Unstrung profile of a Mohegan bow

Bow Size and type: 60" - 65" long and made of hand carved Hickory staves cut and seasoned in our shop.

Cross Section: Six sided

Optional Leather handle: If you rather, an arrow rest and leather handle are available on all North Wood Traditional archery bows. The leather is authentic braintanned buckskin.

Colors Available: stains of light brown, Dark Brown, or Reddish brown

Over all Length: Generally this is a bow between 60-68" long, and can be customized further upon request with consultation.

Wood type: Hickory stave used for blank, retained growth ring on the back of the bow

Primitive string: Three ply artificial sinew hand twisted with a flemish loop on one end. Other end is tied to the lower nock of the bow with a timber hitch.

Draw weight - 20-50 lb on this bow

Design origin: Mohegan, early contact period Connecticut. Made in Western Connecticut.


Bow an arrows are made for the individual, and enhance the primitive archery experience. We look forward to making your dream bow a reality!

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