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Wampanaug Long Bow
Native American Hunting Bow

hunting bow, long bows

Sudbury Hunting Bow- Long Bows of the past
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Primitive Arrow


long bow
A 50 lb Sudbury bow at full draw..

Sudbury Long Bow Specs and Options

This is reproduction of an early contact period Hunting Bow based on an Artifact from the 1600's known famously as 'the Sudbury bow' from Sudbury Massachusettes.

It is unlike most early contact period long bows because of it's trapazoidal cross-sections on wide flat limbs, which take advantage of the superior tensile strength of hickory. It's very unique for a North American Hunting Bow.

Colors Available: stains of light brown, Dark Brown, or Reddish brown

Over all Length: Generally this is a bow between 65-68" long, and can be customized further upon request with consultation.


how to make a wooden bow


Wood type: Hickory stave used for blank, retained growth ring on the back of the bow

Primitive string: Three ply dacron string with fur silencers

Draw weight - Specify 25-65 lb on this bow

Design origin: Based on Wampanaug artifact found in SudburyMassachusetts from 1600's. Crafted in Western CT from solid hickory. Custom Made to Order.

These Long Bows are made for the individual, and enhance the hunting bow experience. We look forward to making your dream bow a reality!


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