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Custom Traditional Self Bow

traditional self bow

self bow custom bows

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Primitive Arrow

Bow String
Hand twisted three-ply bow string





custom self bow - leather handle

Showing the leather handle with a

how to make a wooden bow

Options for the Custom Traditional Self Bow

Finely Crafted to meet high artistic and functional value. This custom bow is reccomended to be used with properly spined arrow shafts for hunting and target shooting.

Optional Leather handle: If you rather, an arrow rest and leather handle are available on all North Wood Traditional archery bows. The leather is authentic braintanned buckskin. Otherwise, wear a shooting glove to shoot off the knuckle

Colors Available: clear (2nd down), light brown(top), Dark Brown, or Reddish brown (bottom picture)

Over all Length: Generally this is a bow between 62-65" long unstrung, and can be customized further upon request upon consultation. The over all working limbs must be twice the overall draw length. For example, a person with a 25 inch draw, only needs 50 inches of working limb.

Wood type: Hickory stave used for blank, retained growth ring on the back of the bow, made from seasoned stave, not boards

Primitive string: Three ply artificial sinew hand twisted with a flemish loop on one end. Other end is tied to the lower nock of the bow with a timber hitch.

traditional self bow

Made to order with a 30-60 day wait period.

Draw weight - you can choose on the scroll menue.

Design origin: Ancient European influence, American design. These are made from scratch, Harvested and Crafted in Western Connecticut.




Custom self bows are made for the individual, and enhance the experience of traditional archery. We look forward to making your dream bow a reality!

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