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Finely crafted Self Bows
for Sale

All bows and arrows on this page are ready to ship


Recurve Self Bow

Seneca Scalloped Edge

Recurved self bow

indian self bow for sale

Seneca Scalloped recurve bow - 50 lbs. at 26 inches

carved nocks with a leather handle and arrow rest.





Snake Bow

snake bow

snake backed self bow

Wooden Self bow made from solid hickory stave following one growth ring on the back. This rattle stick bow has wavy grain and measures 40 lbs. at 26 inches, and 62 inches long unstrung. Skin is prairie rattle snakc.







Native American Style Stick Bow

stick bow for sale

stick bow

This stick bow measures 45 lb @ 28", 65 inches over all length unstrung.











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