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Hand crafted Bows & Arrows
for Whole Sale Prices

Bows and arrows on this page listed at 20% off
Rather than custom ordered...


Recurve Self Bow

Seneca Scalloped Edge

Recurved self bow

indian self bow for sale

Seneca Scalloped recurve bow - 50 lbs. at 26 inches

carved nocks with a leather handle and arrow rest.

ONLY $369




Snake Bow

snake bow

snake backed self bow

Rattle stick bow wavy grain 40 lbs. at 26 inches

prairie rattler & hickory

ONLY $425






Native American Stick Bow

stick bow for sale

stick bow

Indian Stick Bow 45 lb @ 28"

carved nocks at the tips with a leather handle and arrow rest

ONLY $249










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