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About Our Handcrafted Bows

I am passionate about making quality handmade bows and arrows, and so it has become my artform.

All of the self bows here are crafted true to primitive methods, following the growth rings of the wood. They are handcrafted from seasoned staves and include an a braintanned leather handle with arrow rest and fur silencers.

These bows are very quiet, with a smooth draw and low handshock for the discerning archer. This is accomplished by using subtle engineering to lower limb mass, and using an asymmetrical tiller (one barely noticeable in most cases) to redistribute handshock.

A wooden bow is very light in the hand, but the strength of the wood is surprising when put to the test.

Take care of these bows, and they will give many years of rugged service.

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Custom orders for my wooden long bows have a one - two month wait time.


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The graceful simplicity of the stick bow make this design universal the world over anthropologically. In North America this design was used extensively by Indian tribes along the east coast.

This custom bow is reccomended to be used with properly spined arrow shafts for hunting and target shooting.

Leather handle- an arrow rest and leather handle are available on all North Wood Traditional archery bows. The leather I use is authentic braintanned buckskin I made myself.

Historically, this was not common practice, as people used to shoot off the hand.

Over all Length- Generally this is a bow made between 61-68" depending on draw weight

Wood type- Hickory stave used for solid retained growth ring on the back of the bow

Draw weight - you specify 35- 65 lbs

History- based on various indigenous Indian longbows from North America.. this type is primarly associated with eastern woodland Indian bows. The main difference between these wooden longbows and the old world european long bow is that white woods (like our famous shagbark hickory) work best with a rectangular cross section, rather than a rounded cross section as seen in welsh self bows.


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