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North Wood Traditional Archery is an online archery shop dedicated to historic and primitive archery supplies, making traditional longbows and recurve bows that follow one growth ring for a truly authentic primitive bow that feels unlike any modern laminate or fiberglass bow and is more durable than any board-made bow. They are light to carry, and surprisingly strong with a smooth draw and low handshock for the discerning archer.

All of the archery supplies here are handmade using traditional methods, and the wooden self bows and feather fletched arrows are based on bows from American Indian and ancient European hunter gatherer cultures. I believe that the historic premise of archery is based on connectedness to the natural world, as transforming a living tree into a living weapon was a skill used to support countless generations of people all around the world.

My name is Greg Anderson and I have been making these primitive bows and arrows for over ten years. My philosophy is based on blending in and becoming part of nature to allow its abundance to flourish. All of the products I make are from natural materials, many of which I personally harvest from the foothills of the Berkshires where I call my home.

I invite you to use this site for both information and for shopping, as I would like very much to provide ways for people to reconnect to this part of the natural history of mankind.

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