Making a self bow

Hands on bow making classes with bowyer, Greg Anderson

class: how to make a wooden bow

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I am excited for anyone who undertakes the fullfilling challenge of making a wooden bow. It is my honor and priviledge to offer these instructions which I have been giving for the past 6 years.

For many Earth cultures, making a bow was considered a ceremonial right of passage. Certainly, it is one of the most crucial and difficult of all primitive skills to master.

Thank you for supporting my craft and your help keeping the old ways alive! I hope to see you there.


Greg Anderson

Bow maker /Instructor

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The class sizes are small, and I keep them that way to offer high quality instruction. To sign up before classes are filled up send me an email.

Hosted out of my workshop in Oxford CT.

Want to get one on one instruction?

One on one instruction is also available for $150 a day per person with flexible scheduling available. The day to day instruction does not include materials.

Hosted out of my workshop in Oxford CT.

Want to host one of my workshops?

If you want to host me for instruction, traveling to your location is also an option for additional travel expenses.


Check out the video from one of my classes here


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